Loggerhead Apparel

Loggerhead Apparel was born in the minds of two South Carolina natives in early 2009. One a product of the Low Country, who grew up on the coast just north of Charleston. The other a product of the Upstate, the grandchild of mill workers in the textile town of Spartanburg.

These two South Carolina natives just happen to be two of my best friends and I have been with this company since day one. Our passion and pride for the state of South Carolina, its people and its beauty, its wildlife and its economy, led to Loggerhead Apparel.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is an endangered species, and the coast of South Carolina is extremely important to its survival. The textile industry of South Carolina, once thriving, is as endangered as the Loggerhead, and has a huge impact on the economy of our state.

Loggerhead Apparel provides top-quality, American-grown, American-made clothing. Ten percent of the revenue gained from the sale of all Loggerhead Apparel products will be donated directly to local causes supporting the conservation and protection of sea turtles.

In addition to supporting the turtles, Loggerhead Apparel will also support the local textile industry, because no part of the production process will take place outside of the United States.

I am responsible for and involved in all aspects of Loggerheads creative strategy and design, including the apparel itself.